Pavis New Edge Elbow Lacer
Pavis New Edge Elbow Lacer

Pavis New Edge Elbow Lacer

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The Pavis New Edge Elbow Lacer provides pain relief from Tennis and Golfer's Elbow with a unique, easy-to-apply lacer design.

This elbow strap puts light pressure on strained elbow muscles reducing tension on the muscles as they attach to the lateral epicondyle (the source of the inflammation and pain).


  • A double wave shaped pressure pad provides effective pain reduction.
  • A moveable anchor point for the lace closure system makes it easy to fit and adjust the size of this brace. Simply place the pad of the strap on the forearm muscle, apply the Velcro anchor to the outside of the support, and tighten the lace/Velcro strap for easy application and tension adjustment.