Foam Cervical Collar

Foam Cervical Collar

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A foam cervical collar is a great option if you have muscle tightness due to a mild neck injury. They help hold your head up and keep it in a neutral position, taking the weight of your head off your neck and shoulder muscles. A foam collar also prevents you from moving your head too much, which can be helpful when head movements are painful.


  • Anatomically contoured to fit under your chin and jaw
  • Soft, 1" foam padding is comfortable to wear, and it has a lightweight, breathable stockinette covering to keep your neck from getting too hot
  • Has a hook and loop closure at the back so it's easy to put the collar on and take it off
  • Universal sizing

Ideal for:

  • Neck muscle tension
  • Neck extension injuries (whiplash)
  • Herniated cervical disc
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Rheumatoid and osteo arthritis in the cervical spine
Careful washing will prolong the life of the brace. Remove all stays before washing. Hand wash with a non-detergent washing solution, and air dry (away from the sun and heating vents). Do not put the brace in the washing machine or dryer.