Dynamic Ankle Lacer

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The Dynamic Ankle Lacer is the perfect option for those who want something that's quick and easy to put on, but provides more support and durability than tensor bandage wraps.


  • The Dynamic Fast Wrap lacing system lets you tighten or loosen the brace in one motion - no need to loosen each eyelet individually.
  • The laces have tabs that are easy to pull, and they attach to the brace with Velcro
  • Internal U-shaped spiral stays that provide extra support and stability, further minimizing risk of ankle injury
  • The material is breathable to help you stay cool and comfortable
Careful washing will prolong the life of the brace. Remove all stays before washing. Hand wash with a non-detergent washing solution, and air dry (away from the sun and heating vents). Do not put the brace in the washing machine or dryer.