Dynamic Air Walking Boot Short

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Looking for an air cast for a broken foot? The Dynamic Air Walking Boot lets you get around without crutches while keeping your toes warm. The short version of this boot is ideal for immobilizing the foot and ankle after foot surgery or an ankle sprain. It is lightweight and provides a lower level of support than the taller version.


  • A closed-toe design prevents your foot and toes from getting cold - ideal for wearing in cooler months. The toe cover is also removable.
  • The foam liner has a built-in pump so that no tools are required to inflate the liner and create a custom fit. 
  • The rigid outer layer is made of four separate pieces that attach to the liner with Velcro, so you can adjust the boot to fit your foot and leg perfectly.
  • The velcro straps fasten in the front for easy application, adjustment and removal
  • The cushioned heel provides shock absorption
  • The rocker bottom sole is low and wide for natural, stable gait.
  • Ventilation in the side panels keeps the inside of the boot cool to reduce microbial buildup and keep you comfortable