201120 Bort Stabilo Hip Protector

201120 Bort Stabilo Hip Protector

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If you are prone to falling, you are at risk of a hip injury. The protection pads on both sides of this hip protector effectively prevent hip fractures. These pads are made of shock-absorbing visco-elastic soft foam (similar to memory foam), and they are easy to remove if necessary. The shorts are made of a soft cotton-lycra blend, with a stretchy elastic waistband and leg borders for the highest level of comfort. Made in Germany.

How to Use the Bort Stabilo Hip Protector

Put these hip protector shorts on just like regular shorts. Make sure the foam pads are positioned so that they cover the hip bones completely.

Washing Instructions

Remove the foam pads prior to washing. Hand wash with a gentle detergent and air dry.