Active Sacroiliac Strap

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Get instant relief from sacroiliac pain. This belt takes the stress off the SI joint and the surrounding muscles, aligning the pelvis and encouraging natural joint movement. Also known as a serola belt.


  • This 3" wide belt is low-profile, discreet, comfortable and easy to wear. The belt itself is made of a firm woven material.
  • The adjustable elastic straps on each side let you increase the belt's compression as needed
  • Has a removable foam pad for localized pressure
  • Strategically placed anti-migration material ensures the brace stays in place

Made in Vancouver, BC.

Careful washing will prolong the life of the brace. Remove all stays before washing. Hand wash with a non-detergent washing solution, and air dry (away from the sun and heating vents). Do not put the brace in the washing machine or dryer.