Our reusable face masks are made in Canada with comfortable, high thread count, 100% cotton fabric.


Keeping Canadians Protected

Canadian health authorities have recommended the use of face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and they are mandatory in Canadian airports, airplanes, ferries and some stores.

Cloth masks have been proven to prevent those who wear them from spreading viral particles. You can spread the virus even if you are not showing symptoms, so it’s important to wear a mask whenever it’s difficult to remain 2 metres from others.

Our masks are designed for maximum effectiveness. They are made with tightly woven 100% cotton material that is soft and comfortable to wear. Studies have shown this material can provide up to 79% filtration (similar to surgical masks). Our masks are designed to fit as close to your face as possible for maximum filtration.

Our masks are made by a Canadian medical devices manufacturer who has shifted their production to help alleviate the national mask shortage. They are helping to keep workers employed and Canadians protected.


Filter Pocket

Masks have a slot on the inside to put an extra layer of fabric or a filter for increased protection.

High Quality Construction

Masks are hand-sewn with care in Vancouver BC, and they're made of soft, high thread count, 100% cotton.

Bendable Nose Piece

A removable, bendable aluminum nose piece allows you to shape the mask to the top of your face for a closer fit.

What People are saying

Just what I needed! They're comfortable, breathable, and the two straps keep the mask secure without hurting my ears!


These fit well and aren't as sweaty as my other masks in the sun, especially with a lighter colour. With the straps behind my head and a sunhat over that both hat and mask are secure (and my ears get a break too).



Non-medical masks are not a replacement for physical distancing and frequent hand washing. They should only be used as an extra preventative measure. They are not a substitute for medical grade personal protective equipment and no claims are being made that they are. All masks are final sale for safety reasons and excluded from any promotions. Please refer to our list of research citations for more information about studies related to cloth masks.