How to Use the Wrist Lacer

Putting the Brace On

  1. Remove the Velcro tab from the brace.
  2. Pull the two edges of the brace apart to loosen the laces.
  3. Pull the brace onto your hand/wrist like a sleeve, allowing your thumb to protrude through the hole as the brace slides over your hand.
  4. Tighten the laces by pulling on the tab until the brace feels snug, then wrap the laces around the brace and reattach the tab.
  5. You can also tighten the top and bottom straps independently. Before putting on the brace, separate the two tabs, tighten each tab and attach in the desired position.

Taking the Brace Off:

  1. Remove the Velcro tab(s).
  2. Slide the brace off your hand.
  3. Reattach the tab(s). Store the brace this way to prevent the Velcro tabs from getting stuck to anything else while not in use.