How to Use the Uni-Foam Arm Sling and Swathe

If you have someone to help you put the sling on:

Putting the sling on:

  1. Begin by placing your arm in the sling pouch at a 90 degree angle centred on your torso
  2. Have another person pull both straps over your shoulders criss-crossing in the back, then up under your arms. 
  3. Bring the straps up and under the sling, and fasten them to the front of the envelope. 
  4. Attach the swatch in the centre of the sling pouch
  5. Wrap the swatch around the affected arm and torso, under the free arm, and secure it back onto itself
  6. Use the buckles on each strap to adjust to the desired position if necessary

If you are putting the sling on by yourself:

Putting the sling on:

  1. Assemble the sling before putting it on. With the front of the envelope facing up, cross the straps above the envelope, then flip them over and pull them both straight down and back around to the front of the envelope. Attach them to the front of the envelope so they are relatively loose, approximately in the middle of the envelope.
  2. Put the sling over your head so that the envelope is against your chest, the straps are crossing behind your head. 
  3. Put your arm in the envelope so that it is parallel with the floor, and your elbow is at a 90 degree angle. 
  4. Note whether the sling is too loose or too tight, take the sling off, and adjust the straps on the front of the envelope as needed, fastening them higher on the envelope to make the brace tighter and lower to make it looser. You may also need to adjust the straps through the D-rings.
  5. Put the brace on again, and repeat steps 2-4 as many times as needed to get the correct fit. 
  6. Attach the swathe on the front of the envelope, and with your free arm, wrap it around your other arm and around your back as far as possible. Then reach behind you to grab it, pull it around under your free arm, and attach the other end of the swathe on itself.

Taking the sling off:

  1. Remove the swathe 
  2. Remove the straps on the front of the sling 
  3. Pull the straps over your head 
  4. Slide your arm out of the envelope
  5. Reattach the straps to the front of the envelope and wrap the swathe around the envelope so that the Velcro doesn’t get stuck to anything while not in use