How to Use the Summit 456 TLSO Back Brace

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  1. Apply the fully stretched brace making sure the back panel is centered and low on the back.
  2. Overlap the ends of the brace so the hook material grips the opposite side loop as tightly as possible.
  3. Ends may be angled to accommodate for different anatomies.

Tighten and Adjust

  1. Adjust the vertical height of the posterior adjustment strap so that the yoke rests at C7, or 2" below the shirt collar.
  2. Slip each thumb into the pull tabs. Extend the tabs out and away from the brace. When desired compression is achieved, place the hook side of the pull tabs down onto the loop material to secure.
  3. Pull and tighten the shoulder straps until properly fit.
  4. Fasten and tighten the chest buckle to secure the shoulder straps.


  1. Detach the pull tabs from the brace and reattach so that they are loose
  2. Detach the Velcro at the centre of the lumbosacral belt at your abdomen
  3. Slide the shoulder straps off your shoulders
  4. Reattach the Velcro on both ends of the belt so that they don't stick to anything while not in use