How to Use the Sportec Compression Sleeve

Putting the Sleeve On

Before putting the sleeve on, position it so that the grey design on the sleeve is facing down, and the black side is facing up. The Sportec logo is at the top of the sleeve. It is easier to put the sleeve in the correct position before you put it on, rather than trying to reposition it once it’s on your arm.

  1. With your arm extended and your palm facing up, put your hand through the top of the sleeve and pull the sleeve up your arm. Your elbow should be in the centre of the grey circle, the top of the sleeve should be just under your armpit, and the bottom of the sleeve should be above your wrist. Pull the sleeve up or down as necessary to get it in the right position
  2. If you have a hard time pulling the sleeve past your elbow, fold the sleeve so that the top part is rolled down, inside out, on the outside of the bottom part of the sleeve. Pull the folded sleeve up to your elbow, then roll the top part up around your bicep.
  3. The sleeve should feel snug; tighter at the wrist and gradually less compressive towards the top.

Taking the Sleeve Off

  1. Pull the sleeve down from the opening around your wrist.
  2. If you have a hard time getting the sleeve off this way, roll the top half of the sleeve down past your elbow, then pull the sleeve off the rest of the way.