How to Use the Posture Support

If possible, get someone else to help you put this support on the first time. Once it is fit properly, it is easy to put on by yourself. If you are fitting this support by yourself, it may take you longer to adjust the straps.

Putting the Support On

  1. First, remove the Velcro on the shoulder straps from the soft part of the back of the support and reattach the Velcro so the straps are as loose as possible.
  2. Undo the Velcro on the brown rib strap so that the brace is open, and put your arms through the shoulder straps so that the support is sitting on your shoulders.
  3. Pull the brown rib straps around your ribs and attach the Velcro so that the support feels snug but not too tight.
  4. One at a time, remove the shoulder straps from the soft part of the back of the support again, and pull them down and around so that the straps pull your shoulders back. 
  5. If you are putting the support on by yourself, you may prefer to note approximately where the straps should be in order for them to retract your shoulders, take the support off, move the straps so they are tighter, then put the brace back on. Do this as many times as needed until the straps are in the correct position.

The shoulder straps might feel uncomfortable at first, as your back and shoulders are not used to being in this position. This is normal and the discomfort will go away over time.

Taking the Support Off

  1. Undo the Velcro on the strap around your ribs. This should loosen the support enough to allow you to pull your arms out of the support without loosening the shoulder straps. If not, reach around and move the Velcro holding the shoulder straps in place farther up and towards the front of the support to loosen them.
  2. Remove the support and reattach the Velcro on the rib strap to keep it from getting stuck to anything while not in use.