How to Use the Jumper's Knee Brace

Putting the Knee Brace On:

  1. Detach the top and bottom Velcro straps and reattach so the straps are loose
  2. Position the brace so the stays on both sides of the brace are lined up with the sides of your leg, and the patella hole lines up with the centre of your leg. 
  3. Put your foot through the hole at the top of the brace (this will be the wider opening) and pull the brace up your leg until the patella hole is slightly past your knee cap. The brace will drop down slightly when you let go. Your knee cap should rest in the patella hole, supported by the foam buttress inside the brace. 
  4. At this step you can take the brace off and reposition the buttress if necessary, then put the brace back on.
  5. Detach the Velcro from one of the straps, tighten the strap by pulling it through the D-ring, then reattach the Velcro. 
  6. Repeat with the other strap

Taking the Knee Brace Off:

  1. Detach the Velcro from the top and bottom straps and reattach so the straps are loose, not tight against your leg.
  2. Slide the brace down your leg. 
  3. Leaving the brace like this will make it easy to put it on again later.