How to Use the Front Closure Posture Corrector

Putting the brace on:

  1. Before putting the brace on, remove the small Velcro straps on each side of the brace and reattach so that the straps are loose
  2. Undo the main Velcro strap so that the brace is open
  3. Put your arms through the arm holes and pull the brace on so that it is resting on your shoulders
  4. Grip both of the main straps that go around your ribs and pull them towards your centre, attaching the Velcro in the middle so that the brace feels snug and it’s comfortable to breathe.
  5. Detach the outer Velcro straps and pull them tight, attaching them towards the centre of the brace so that your shoulders are retracted to the desired position.

Taking the brace off:

  1. Detach the outer Velcro straps and reattach so the straps feel loose and your shoulders are sitting in their natural position.
  2. Detach the main Velcro straps so the brace is open.
  3. Slide your arms out through the arm holes
  4. Reattach the main Velcro straps so they don’t stick to the brace or anything else while not in use.