How to Use the EZ Adjust Posture Corrector

Putting the brace on:

  1. The circle pad should sit in the centre of your back. Position the brace this way, putting your arms through the straps so that the padded straps are resting on your shoulders. 
  2. Note the position of the circle pad against your back. It should be in the centre of your back, below your shoulder blades, and the shoulder straps should comfortably fit under your arms. If the shoulder straps are digging into your armpits, the strap going up the centre of your back to your neck should be loosened. If the shoulder straps are loose hanging down at your sides, the centre back strap should be tightened.
  3. Tighten the shoulder straps to retract your shoulders by pulling the loose straps hanging down away from your body. If you have a difficult time getting your arms into the shoulder straps, loosen the outer straps through the d-rings so that the brace is easy to get into, then tighten the outer straps until your shoulders are retracted to the desired position. 
  4. Put the loose straps through the loops on the shoulder straps to secure them.

The shoulder straps might feel uncomfortable at first, as your back and shoulders are not used to being in this position. This is normal and the discomfort will go away over time.

Taking the brace off:

  1. Pull the outer straps back through the loops so they are loose
  2. Loosen the outer straps through the rings
  3. Slide your arms out from the straps