How to Fit the Pediatric Arm Sling

Putting the sling on:

  1. Before you put the arm sling on, loosen the shoulder strap so that it is long enough to easily put on by pulling it through the D-ring on the closed corner of the envelope. Position the sling so that the open side of the envelope is lined up with the unaffected side. 
  2. Put the shoulder strap over your child’s shoulders and place the affected arm in the envelope. It should fit snugly around their elbow and their hand should come to the end of the sling. If their hand is hanging out, the sling may be too small.
  3. Note whether the sling is too tight or too loose and adjust the strap through the D-ring at the elbow as necessary. Your child’s arm should be parallel with the floor, and their elbow should be at a 90 degree angle.

Taking the sling off:

  1. Loosen the shoulder strap by pulling it through the D-ring
  2. Put the shoulder strap forward over your child’s head
  3. Gently remove the envelope down away from your child’s arm