Post-Op Range of Motion Knee Brace

Post-Op Range of Motion Knee Brace

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This knee brace is lightweight yet extremely supportive, and is ideal for post-injury, postoperative and rehabilitative use.

One size fits all.

  • Has a range of motion hinge which can be easily adjusted in 10 and 15 degree increments as the rehabilitation requirements change
  • The uprights are pre-contoured and fit most legs, but can be removed for further shaping
  • The four foam liners are 19.5 inches long and fully adjustable to give this brace a universal fit. Hook and loop closures provide a secure fit and ease of adjustment.

Extension at: 10ˇ, 20ˇ, 30ˇ, 45ˇ, 60ˇ, 75ˇ, 90ˇ

Flexion at: 0ˇ, 10ˇ, 20ˇ, 30 ˇ, 45ˇ, 60ˇ, 75ˇ, 90ˇ, 105ˇ, 120ˇ